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Amblemead's Designer Series: A Q&A with Custom Built New Homes

December 15, 2018

Amblemead’s Designer Series is bringing a new style of modern living to Mount Barker. With a collection of unique split-level home packages, specifically designed for the hills of Amblemead, buyers can expect high-quality, low-maintenance requirements, superior views and beautiful living spaces among much more.

We caught up with the Directors of the Custom Built New Homes Team, Roger and Sam, to learn a little bit more about what makes these designs so unique and special.

Q: Your team has come up with a range of unique designs specifically for these allotments. Tell us a little bit about the design process you went through.

A: We wanted to come up with a range of homes that are a bit different to everything else that's out there and really work with the beautiful hills of Amblemead rather than against them. After surveying each individual allotment and deciding what elements should be maximised in every design, we applied some of our favourite features of contemporary homes to a selection of floorplans that suited each allotment's shape, orientation and size. With quality finishes worked into each package while keeping costs as low as possible to pass savings on to buyers, we're really proud of the whole Designer Series and love the look of every home.

Q: Which design is your favourite and why?

A: We're loving The Sydenham at the moment, mainly because of the unique street appeal.

The Sydenham is a 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car design available now on lot 10.

Q: Is it a simple process for purchasers? Tell us about the steps involved (talk about the 3 steps, maybe a bit more detail)

A: We've done all the hard work to make the process super simple. All buyers need to do is choose from our range of custom designs, select which one of Amblemead's premium allotments best suits their needs and let the team know of any upgrades or changes they'd like to customise their design.

Q: Will purchasers sign one single contract for both the sale of the land and the build of the home or two?

A: Buyers will enter two separate contacts (one for the purchase of the land and another for the purchase of the new build) but they reference each other. By entering into the contracts separately, the client saves on stamp duty costs of the build.

Q: If a buyer is interested in one specific design, are they limited to a specific allotment or can they be built on a range of lots?

A: Each of the homes in the Designer Series range is right for a selection of allotments. We can tell you which lots your chosen design will work on, depending on a number of elements such as frontage and high or low side of the street.

Q: How do you ensure top quality from your team?

A: Our whole team is committed to the same high level of quality and a focus on superior craftsmanship. We use regular tradespeople who we've built strong relationships with and they all really care about what they do, with a high level of attention to detail in every step.

Q: What sort of build timeframe can buyers expect?

A: 6 months for a single storey design and 9 months for a double storey.

Q: We love split-level homes as they provide a point of difference and separation of spaces. What other living benefits do split-level designs offer their occupants?

A: Split level homes provide an opportunity for higher ceilings and a luxurious feel, plus the cost of your retaining walls are typically less.

Q: What if there’s an aspect of the home design that a buyer wants to change? Is there ‘wiggle room’ in the package?

A: Along with a selection of upgrades available on each design, our team is open to talking through any alterations to reach the ultimate home solution for every purchaser.

Q: As Adelaide’s premier custom home builder, what can buyers expect from you and your team?

A: Our team understand that building a new home is about more than just bricks, mortar and a roof over your head. It’s a journey that requires strong relationships, communication and trust – from the very first meeting to the handing over of the keys. We care a great deal about our every customer's journey and aim to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible while creating beautiful homes that will stand the test of time.

4 out of 8 of the first release of Amblemead's Designer Series homes are already sold. To learn more about these packages, view the available range or get in touch about other upcoming unique designs, click here.

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