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8 Ways to Turn Your Neighbours into Friends

It's turning out to be a big month at Amblemead with the first residents moving in! It's going to be wonderful to watch our new community flourish. To mark this long-awaited milestone, we have compiled a list of 8 ways to turn your neighbours into friends. 


1. Introduce yourself

An obvious step, but it can be nerve-wracking approaching someone you don't know. It can be a great idea to take a bottle of wine, cake or something else with you, after all - who doesn't love gifts?!

2. Offer to care for their pets while they’re away

Making sure your pets are accounted for in your holiday plans can be a big stress. If you’re an animal person, why not offer to look after your neighbours' pets the next time they go on holiday? 

3. Go on a local wine tour

No one moves to the Hills if they don't like wine, right? Head to some of Amblemead's neighbouring wineries and learn about your new neighbours over glass or two of local Adelaide Hills wine and some delicious local cheeses.

4. Hold a street party

Why not go all out? Street parties are a great way for everyone in the neighbourhood to meet each other all at once. Drop invitations in your neighbours letterbox with BYO requirements and set up some tables and chairs in the Amblemead reserve and you're ready to go!

5. Carpool

If you notice a neighbour on your route to work regularly, why not help the environment and your savings account, and carpool? 


6. Host a dinner party

Who doesn’t love a dinner party? Invite your favourite new neighbours or a bunch of them over for a home-cooked dinner and drinks. Suggest a monthly hosting schedule and you’ll get to go out for dinner more often, with only a short stroll home!

7. Water the plants and bring in the mail

Knowing your home is being looked after when you can’t be there is always a weight off your shoulders. Why not offer to water your neighbour’s plants and bring in their mail for them while they’re away? More likely than not, you’ll get the same offer in return.

8. Mow their lawn

If you're out mowing your front lawn or strip, why not offer to polish off your neighbour's for them too? Getting the mower out and ready is half the work anyway - plus you'll get neighbour points and two beautiful lawns to look at. If lawn mowing isn't your thing and you're more likely to be the recipient of this offer, why not offer to do something you're skilled at? Everyone has their own unique set of skills and abilities that the people next door probably don't have - share yours around and you never know what could come of it!

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