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A Day Trip To Monarto Zoo From Amblemead

Monarto Zoo is a fantastic SA attraction just a short drive from Amblemead!

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Visitors and residents of Adelaide should count themselves lucky that they can visit not one, but two beautiful Zoos. Adelaide Zoo is nestled between the historic and heritage listed homes of North Adelaide and the enchanting Botanic Gardens in the heart of the City; perfect for a day trip or leisurely stroll on your lunch break. If you think that is impressive, take the trip to Monarto Zoo.

The trip to Monarto from Amblemead, Mt. Barker, is a short 25-minute drive on the Freeway. Choosing the best day to go? Definitely not in the 40 degree weather we have been experiencing of a late! A cool, slightly overcast day will make the hours of exploration that little bit more comfortable.

Drive up to the entrance’s oversized gates and you suddenly feel like you might be entering a wildlife park in Africa.  The dry and dusty winding path to the car park transports you out of Adelaide and into ‘the wild’. Our recommended route of discovery for the day?

  • Head straight to the Emu Wallaby Track and get up close and personal with the track’s namesakes. You can walk within the enclosure but it is still advised to keep some distance, especially whilst they are napping!
  • Next, walk a little further to the Chimpanzee enclosure; watching the goings-on of the close-knit family and friends inside, is truly a spectacle worth ‘hanging’ around for. The bond between Mother Zombi and her children Enzi (2yrs) and Zuri (5yrs), is particularly amazing and very much like watching a human parent with their child – they do share 98.7% of their DNA with us!
  • Walk the short distance back towards the entrance and take the Zu-Loop shuttle to see the rare Mongolian Przewalski Horses, at one point extinct in the wild. On the route, you will also catch a glimpse of the White Rhino, an animal that is almost never seen unless in a park such as Monarto.
  • Make a stop at the Lion lookout and watch staff feed the pride. You will only ever see males or females out at one time to avoid boisterous behaviour.
  • Before making the trip back to the start, catching sight of the elusive Cheetah is truly special. Very rarely seen in the wild by tourists, you may get the chance to see this animal from a very close distance (in the safety of a van of course). The day the Amblemead team made the trip, we had the pleasure of seeing them bolt from a rest under a shady tree and it was a magical sight.

Monarto is home to some of the most amazing animals, few of which we may never get to see in their natural habitats because of the threat of extinction. The animals at the Zoo roam freely on hectares of land and it is truly an experience for young and old. Enjoy the nature that abounds in this part of South Australia!

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