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Amblemead's Benched and Retained Offer

Amblemead prides itself on its beautiful rolling hills and slopes that make this estate uniquely picturesque - however, we understand that building your dream home on a slope is not for everyone.

The Amblemead team have created premium flat lot packages called “benched & retained.” What this means, is to create your dream home on a “benched” flat level, the developer undertakes extensive cutting and filling along the length of the property. Land is generally not a flat surface, retaining walls are put in place to structure and support the soil when the natural ground level has been altered.

To allow you to enjoy the bouldering hills and sweeping views of Mt Barker, the developer has flattened a range of blocks at our own cost to ensure no hidden cost when building your dream home.

  • 12 blocks already benched & retained
  • Ready for you to begin building
  • Only 5 out of the 12 blocks remaining
  • Massive savings available on premium flat lot allotments 

Our friendly team are here to make building your home as stress-free as possible and can walk you through the range of premium flat lots we have available. Stop in at Amblemead Sales Information Centre 6 Sims Road Mt Barker, and look at the 5 premium flat allotments remaining and ready for you to build your dream home.

 If you've been struggling with slopes and are wanting that elusive flat block, our Benched & Retained Premium Flat Lot packages provide you great value in cutting down costs and getting you into your dream home sooner. Become a part of Amblemead's small friendly community and contact Annie on 0407 624 119 for more information on our premium flat lot benched and retained packages available.

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