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Buying 'the' Block. Our top tips for your land purchase.

When looking to buy a block of land to build your home or investment on, we want to share some considerations that we think could help make your decision-making process easier!

Lifestyle. The neighbourhood that you live in can change your life for better or for worse – why not just better! Is the block that you are considering, in a development that offers amenities, open spaces, playgrounds, etc? Identify your lifestyle needs and make sure that the development you are looking to purchase in, can meet your expectations.

Location. This may be your forever home and it might not. It is important to consider re-sale value in both cases regardless. A great location in immediate proximity to schools, shops, transportation, etc., will ensure your property has the best chance of achieving great capital growth as well as satisfying you, whilst you are living there!

Shape. If you want to make the Adelaide Hills your new home, you will most likely be considering a block on a slope. Consulting with an experienced developer can ensure that you are getting the most out of your lot in a cost-effective way so that you can enjoy your new views! At Amblemead, we work closely with Black Lime Solutions who are experts in their trade and will work with your builder regarding the slope, retaining and positioning of your new home, for no cost.

House and Land Packages. Can you build that exact house on that particular block of land and in that particular development? Most developments have encumbrances and / or design guidelines that protect buyers' investments and ensure the quality and consistency of homes built there. However, many land developments allow builders to advertise House and Land Packages that do not meet these guidelines and hence cannot be built in that particular development. Connekt works closely with a select number of builders to ensure that all the homes advertised, meet the design guidelines and can be built at Amblemead.  It is also important that you understand exactly what is and is not included in the build so you can properly budget. Working with your sales consultant is integral at this point in your decision-making process as they know the ins and outs of each of the packages offered in the development they are representing.

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