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Easily Connect at Amblemead

It’s an aspect of building that can often be overlooked initially, but don’t consider it and you may soon run into issues and end up pulling your hair out in frustration.

Service connectivity is crucial to the smooth running of your new home, and we’ve made sure these are taken care of so your design, build and finally your move are as easy, straightforward and pain-free as possible.


Amblemead’s internet connection is ready to go, all you need to do is contact your chosen service provider and connect and you can enjoy access to fast broadband across all of your devices.



Gas at Amblemead is a reticulated system of LPG, distributed via a network of pipes connected to a storage vessel some distance away from your new home. Each home will have its own gas meter to ensure you are only ever charged for what you’ve used.



At Amblemead, we’ve also made the investment in underground power, offering uninterrupted street views. Traditionally, electricity supply is distributed through neighbourhoods via overhead poles and wires, but with this infrastructure running underground our estate not only looks better, but benefits from minimised safety risks and reduced likelihood of unplanned power interruptions as a result of poor weather.

One of our main goals in the creation of our beautiful boutique community is to make everything as easy as it can be for you to build and move into the new hills home you’ve always wanted. For more information on connectivity or to speak to someone about available home packages or allotments, contact Annie on 0407 624 119.

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