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Meet Anthea and Nathan, our two newest residents to join our Amblemead community! 

Read on to find out why they chose Amblemead as the place to start their very own story...

Hi Anthea and Nathan, would you mind sharing with us a bit about yourselves?

We are newly married, having just celebrated our 6 month anniversary! We both currently work full time to pay the bills but our real passion is the photography that we enjoy doing over the weekends.

What do you love most about Amblemead, Mt Barker and what are you most looking forward to about living there?

The thing that really made an impression on us about Mount Barker and Amblemead was the community centeredness and family friendly atmosphere. We really wanted to make a decision that would be a long term commitment and we saw Mount Barker as a place we could settle in for a long time. We’re both city kids but like the idea of a country escape and Mount Barker represents the best of both worlds for us.

What made you decide Amblemead was right for you, compared to other developments in Mt Barker?

We visited a few other developments before going to Amblemead. We experienced no warm feelings of welcome or community at many of the other developments. Annie, the representative of Amblemead, made us feel welcome and excited about the prospect of living in the Amblemead area. She told us all about the the community events, the welcoming neighbors and about all the exciting plans they had for the area and we could imagine it so completely and being part of it.

What’s your favourite feature/component of the Amblemead development?

Honestly, we loved that the area was beautifully landscaped and cared for with green grass, freshly planted trees and a beautiful pond. We knew that we would feel proud of driving into our new community if this is how it was cared for.

One of our favourite features of Amblemead is that it is a smaller development with strong community feels, was this an important part of your buying decision or just a lucky benefit?

Definitely. As mentioned before it was definitely that made Amblemead more attractive to us. Relationships are very important to us and knowing that one day we will raise children, we knew that a community of good people would make this easier too.

Tell us about the block you chose and why.

We already knew what type of house we wanted and needed to find something that suited. Generous frontage size, enough space to have multiple bedrooms and large living spaces. We knew it was meant to be when we found exactly what we needed in a place we felt at home with.

Who have you chosen to be your builder and why?

Before choosing Rivergum to build we had considered many others. We can’t even tell you how many display homes we visited. Every Saturday we visited at least a few. We were actually visiting a development before knowing of Amblemead when we visited our first Rivergum display home. We were very impressed straight away. The way the design of the house flowed suited us well and the quality and care that was put into the house made Rivergum stand out from the rest.

How did you find the buying process for your block of land?

We found the process to be quite fun. We researched a lot, weighed up multiple options and knew what we wanted and needed. Imagining what it would all look like was exciting.

If you could describe Amblemead in three words, what would they be?

Community, family and quality.

Finally, what would you say to someone else who is thinking about buying in the hills?

Do it! It’s a great idea. It’s far enough from the city to feel like you’re getting away from the hustle and bustle yet it’s close enough to feel like you live in a suburb not too far away.


If you're looking to make Amblemead your new home, start your story here and contact Annie on 0407 624 119 for more information. 

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