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Nature Play is Coming to Amblemead

Playing outdoors is a vital part of everyone’s childhood, it facilitates imagination, creativity, communication, socialisation and problem solving and connects children to the natural environment. In today’s modern age of smartphones, smart TV’s, tablets and other exciting technological gadgets, having your children willingly go outside and play in the dirt like we all used to is becoming something of a lost art. Today’s kids are spending less time outdoors than ever before, leading to the rise of a culture that is physically risk-averse.

As part of Amblemead’s focus on community, wellbeing and liveability, the Amblemead reserve will feature a number of nature play components. Nature play is a playspace concept that encourages kids to get outside and play in an environment conducive to self-designed, creative and diverse activities, using more natural materials and in a natural setting.

Showing up the old single-movement, single-use play equipment, nature play offers kids somewhere to get back outside and use their imaginations. There are tonnes of benefits to nature-based play, including the following:

  • Reduced likelihood of illness (strengthened immune system), improved resistance to stress, improved self-esteem and decreased risk of anxiety

  • More imaginative, creative play and improved collaboration and language skills

  • Reduced instances of bullying behaviour

  • Increased ability to face and cope with risks

  • Increased positive feelings towards other children

  • Increased ability to learn to play anywhere and heightened imaginations

  • Reduced symptoms of attention deficit disorder

  • Increased likelihood of the desire to connect with others

  • Increased likelihood of ecological and environmental awareness

Beyond these benefits, nature playspaces are also better for our planet, creating ecosystems and recycling natural materials such as fallen trees. For more information on Amblemead Reserve’s nature play components, keep an eye on our facebook page and blog page.

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