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New Year, New Inspiration. Designing Your New Home.

image: courtesy of https://clairecollected.com/

The New Year and beautiful weather of late, inspires us to update our living spaces to feel fresh, open and beautiful. After all, your home is your sanctuary and you deserve to love your space.

On our journey to learn how to create beautiful spaces within the home, we’ve compiled some of the trends for 2017:

  • Green. Luscious green. “A refreshing and revitalising shade, symbolic of new beginnings” according to Pantone. Go on, try a splash of this colour in your new rooms!
  • Patterns. Make them bold and bright, matching or not. The subtlety of textures will bring richness and balance to your home.
  • Oversized furniture. Wanting to get away from the noise of technology and the digital world? Take a break in your own peaceful nook, filled with furniture that envelops you whilst you pick up your next novel. Have room for a day bed covered in luxurious materials or comfy rugs? Why not visit the Mt. Barker Homemaker Centre and pick your favourite pieces today.


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We look forward to seeing our Amblemead residents in their new homes, creating spaces for their new stories to unfold in.

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