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What Does Your Ideal Block Look Like?

June 28, 2019

How do you choose a good block of land? Simple question with a ton answers! There is no right or wrong block, however there are several block characteristics to consider.



Your home design is usually determined by the lot width and depth, that’s why it’s important to choose a shape that suits the home you have in mind. Regular rectangle blocks are often first glazed upon, but irregular shapes may give you extra room to build onto your design or to even fit a pool in!



Size really does matter when choosing a block. Growing families always need more room to move, along with singles, couples and downsizers tend to need less space for less maintenance. So it is important to choose a block that your ideal home design will perfectly fit on for your lifestyle.



Take advantage of north facing front or rear blocks and enjoy the gorgeous sunlight trickling into your humble abode. North facing blocks tend to be more energy efficient, utilising the sun to heat the home in winter and exclude the sun in summer.



Sloping blocks aren’t always tricky to work with, they can add a whole new element of home design to maximise practicality and more important, views! But if you are looking for a flat alternative, at Amblemead we have taken the initiative to bench and retain blocks for your convenience.



If you have been looking for a perfect location to call home, look no further than Amblemead. Fresh air, old gum trees, plenty of grass and stunning views! Our 2 hectare reserve has been designed with activity in mind, and will feature a playground and communal play spaces for families to enjoy. Kick a ball, ride a bike, feed the ducks - Amblemead is all about enjoying the outdoors in a safe environment.

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