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Pearle Boutique, a Mount Barker Gem.

Entrepreneur and Mother of three, Alexandra Thornhill celebrates 20 years in the Retail Industry and a wonderful sense of style that brings light to Mount Barker.

We want to know, how did your story begin?

I have spent 17 years in the retail industry, with 7 of those years working as a Store Manager on Main Street, in Mount Barker. I watched businesses come and go and with what I learned, I decided to open my own retail clothing store and do what these stores had missed an opportunity to do. And, what I’m doing is building Pearle Boutique’s customer base through social media, as well as offering a wide range of styles for all shapes and sizes and prices point for all budgets. We have brands for women, men and even the budding interior designer with a beautiful homewares selection!

Pearle Boutique has now been open now for 3.5 years! I push myself to the limits to succeed in anything I put my mind to. I want my children to see that if you work hard you can thrive and do anything you want!

Why the Adelaide Hills? What do you love about the area? Particularly, Mount Barker?

Mt Barker is a fast growing town with lots of potential. There is so much more that we could give this town, to grow it. I hope that with more fabulous ideas and contributions, it will become a town everyone will want to come to. We are always changing and pushing Pearle into new and exciting directions -  just recently we created a website, with an online store coming soon!

What have your learned about your clientele?

I felt I knew what people wanted and built a good customer base around Mount Barker and even further afield. I wanted to offer a limited but varied number of styles bringing people in to grab their favourite styles quicker - No one wants to be wearing the same as the person next door. "First in best dressed” as they say!

We have amazing customers all over Australia who share the Pearle Boutique love and we keep them close to us via FB, Instagram and the Website. We also take pride in our outstanding customer service!

What is your favorite piece in store at this moment?!

My favourite piece is our new lace cut-out dress, which now also comes in some amazing tops. Some of my favourite brands which we stock include Holiday, MA Dainty, White Label Noba, Ivy lee Copenhagen.

We thank Alexandra for taking the time to speak with us and we think she truly is a gem of Mount Barker. Oh, and we will be back for that lace dress!


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44 Gawler Street, Mount Barker

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