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Swapping the City for the Hills. Why a tree change can be a great change.

Looking for a Tree Change?

You certainly wouldn’t compare the ‘rat race’ in Adelaide to that of Sydney’s or Brisbane’s pace of life, however, it may prove unpopular for some who still want what the country represents, without being too far from the City.

Enter Mount Barker, a fast growing town in the heart of the Adelaide Hills. Just scratching the surface, we can offer you more than a handful of reasons we consider a move to Mount Barker the ‘tree change’ that can benefit the new homeowner and investor.

Local Community & Sustainability

Mount Barker is home to some dynamic businesses that offer above and beyond, to their clientele. We recently interviewed Alexandra from Pearle Boutique on Gawler Street, who loves her town and loves bringing the locals what they ask for: fashion, affordability and exceptional customer service. The Adelaide Hills Farmers’ Market is another local community mainstay that is built around sustainability, regional and seasonal products and supports the people that grow them. And the best part, they are a not for profit organisation. With Amblemead’s five neighbourhood streets we hope that we can only intensify the sense of community in Mount Barker and the greater Adelaide Hills!

Excellence in Education

As parents, we agonise over most things that concern our children and when it comes to education, it is no different! We care about the well-being of our little ones, and Mount Barker is home to private and public schools alike, that care just as much as we do.

Whether your preferences lie with the schooling philosophy of the Waldorf or Montessori curriculum, or if your heart is set on public or private tuition, you will not be disappointed by the quality care your child receives at any of these institutions.

Moving to Amblemead, not only lets you experience a high quality of life, it sets your children up to take advantage of all of life’s opportunities!

Future Infrastructure

The planned Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub will create a space that the local community can come together in, enjoy and also benefit from, as local jobs will be created, growing the local economy. There are also plans to build and $100 million European style town plaza that will make the Heart of Mount Barker even stronger. 

The development at Amblemead will also be just a few minutes’ walk, from the soon-to-be-built shopping village where a new Woolworths supermarket is planned in conjunction with many other specialty stores. Living at Amblemead will make you feel like you've left the hustle and bustle behind. the new connector road will take you to the Adelaide CBD in only 25 minutes, making it more feasible to live in the hills and work in the city.


There is no denying the beauty of the rolling hills that surround us in Mount Barker. Show me a photo that doesn’t take your breath away! At Amblemead, you will get to enjoy that space in your very own backyard. Available lots range from 300m2 for the downsizer and 666m2 for those who want to bask in the greenery.


With the Plans for the European centre above, The Bald Hills Rd interchange, The Sports Centre, as well as the further $2.8 billion the council will be investing over the next 20 years, Mount Barker will present a great opportunity for capital growth. We feel that Amblemead being a boutique development with over 2 hectares of beautiful reserve and parkland, will benefit from that growth as well!

Contact our Agent Sam Moten for more information: 1300 715 700 or Amblemead@connektup.com.au 

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