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The Adelaide Hills Farmers’ Market is dedicated to Community.

The Adelaide Hills Farmers’ Market, bringing people together with food!

We recently spoke with Peta Page, Market Manager of the Adelaide Hills Farmers’ Market. Home sick with two small children, she was still happy to answer questions and was beyond lovely to chat with!

What we love about what Peta is doing for the greater Adelaide Hills community, is her contribution to the sustainability and engagement of that very community, by volunteering her time at Adelaide Hills Farmers’ Market.

How did your story begin? What was the driving force in bringing your team together to create the Farmer’s Market?

A group of locals dedicated to Community and local food decided that the hills needed its own weekly Farmers Market to offer a real alternative to supermarket food. With the increase in pressure on farming land in the Hills and the rising costs and lowering returns of farming, there needed to also be a place that would provide enough income to keep local families on their farms. The group that made the market happen were a diverse bunch, but centrally they all are people who have worked their whole lives to create community and there is no better vice to bring people together than food! 

Can you tell us a bit about the AHFM association and more detail about what you collectively do to provide Mount Barker residents such a fabulous option to provide for their families/households?

As a member-led organisation, with a volunteer committee, the AHFM association aims to provide a place where local people can support local farmers while simultaneously supporting local connections, local art and culture and creating a safer more inclusive place by a being a community hub.

What do you love about the area? Particularly, Mount Barker?

 The Hills is home for me and it’s hard not to love home! I love the fact that we have such wonderful local markets such as ours, but also really high-quality cafes and restaurants on the doorstep of such natural beauty.

What have you learned about the community members who frequent the market?

That there is no typical farmers market shopper at our market. We have all sorts of people with all sorts of incomes, backgrounds and reasons for coming along. The common thread seems to be that desire for something slightly different, whether that be a slightly higher quality, a different variety of a particular vegetable, a desire to eat better, people who have allergies and need to find alternatives, people who care passionately about the earth and want to change their ways to save it, people who really love the aesthetic of the market and like taking pictures, people who aren't sporty or religious but desire a routine to their weekend... It's lovely to find out what makes people come along that first time, but it’s so lovely to hear about the element that drives them to keep coming! 

What is your favourite good at the Market this week and why?

We have a new free range chicken producer, Battunga Country Free Range. It is so exciting to be able to access high quality, raised just down the road, ethical poultry - the taste difference between the supermarket is unreal!

We thank Peta for taking time out of her day to share with us. And, we cannot wait for those of you who make Amblemead your home, to get to know your inspiring community members!

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