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Welcome To Your New Home, Adam, Lauren & Baxter!

Two of Amblemead's future residents - Adam and Lauren - are very excited about what the future is bringing. 

Lauren and Adam are excited to see construction progressing at their new Amblemead address. We had a chat with them to find out why they chose Amblemead, what they're planning and what they're looking forward to most!

How long had you been looking before you purchased at Amblemead? 
To be honest we hadn’t really been looking with the intent to buy when we did. The day we found the block we had gone for a drive to just look around the hills to get an idea of where we may look to buy into the future. 


What is your favourite aspect of the Amblemead community?
That it will be a smaller community that allows for neighbours to get to know each other. Since purchasing our block we have already met a number of our neighbours and have started to build relationships and friendships. 


Why did you choose to buy land and build rather than purchase an established home?
We liked the idea of being able to find a space and home that really suited us. We considered looking for an existing home and then potentially renovating, however upon finding the block at Amblemead we decided building was the way to go for us. 

Tell us about the home you’re building and what parts excite you the most?
We are building a Rivergum home which is 4 bedrooms, with an open living kitchen and a rumpus room. We love to entertain and the house design has a deck space which opens directly from our kitchen. We have put in wide stacking doors which will allow our entertaining space to be an extension of the kitchen - which is perfect for when we have friends and family visiting. 

We are most excited about having our own home with a big backyard. We both grew up on rural properties and after living in the city for a number of years, we wanted a home that had space and would allow children to play outside similar to our upbringing. 


How did you find the purchasing process with Connekt?
Dealing with Connekt has been hassle free! We really haven’t had any trouble and Connekt have been great in promoting Amblemead and helping to bring together our future community. 


What are you looking forward to most about your lifestyle in your new Amblemead home?
Space! Having a bigger block and the reserves that are at Amblemead gives us the feel of being in a rural space but with the convenience of having Mount Barker's facilities around the corner. We love to eat out so having Mount Barker's great cafes 5 minutes from home and the broader Adelaide Hills region with beautiful wineries was a big driving factor in our move to Mount Barker. 

There are so many fantastic benefits of living in the Adelaide Hills, what’s your favourite one?
Proximity to so many of SA’s amazing wineries! We love food and wine - so for us - this is perfection! 


What was it about Amblemead that had you sold over other land estates in the area?Amblemead had more of a ‘home’ feel than most of the other developments in the area. The developers have done a great job including some well-designed reserves, giving the feeling of space and somewhat of a hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the main town. 

Being a smaller development we felt that it would become much more of a community and a safe environment to live in and bring up a family.  


Do you think little Baxter will like his new address? 
We have no doubt Baxter will love his new home! The home we are in now only has fake turf and one of his favourite things to do is play and roll in fresh grass with plenty of space. We have taken him up to the block on a few occasions and he has met some of the neighbours who I think he believes will be his best friends, he’s certainly not shy or modest in thinking he is the best dog in town! 

Amblemead is selling fast - if you're interested in joining Lauren and Adam in this fantastic community, contact us today.

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